Frequently Asked Questions


What is a 'primitive baptist'?

'Primitive Baptist' is a term that dates back to the early 1800s. In modern usage 'primitive' can sometimes mean 'backward' or 'undeveloped', but when the term was first used it meant 'first' or 'original' - indicating the desire of Primitive Baptists to adhere to the original message and methods of the early church. It also meant 'simple,' since the services of the Primitive Baptists, when compared with those of many churches, seemed simple and unadorned.


Why don't you use musical instruments in worship?

We think a cappella singing fits best with the pattern of worship laid out for us in the scriptures (a complicated assertion, we know). Not that we would consider using instruments in worship to be wrong or sinful, we just think there's a better way - better to draw us to worship, if admittedly not necessarily better to listen to. We think vocal singing helps relieve some of the natural tension over style and musical taste and helps us to focus on God rather than on musical performance.


Why don't you have sunday school for the children?

We love it, and we think God does too (Dt 7, Ps 148:11-13, Pr 22:6), when families learn and worship together! We think children learn their most important life lessons from watching their parents, and that God entrusts parents with a special responsibility to show their children how to live for Him. Not only that, but we think God intended our gatherings to bring together people who might otherwise see little of each other - people of different stages of life, backgrounds, personalities, cultures, classes, etc. We love being part of a church where old and young spend time together and learn from each other.